Presentation Design

I was already aware of all of the elements of design listed in Kawasaik’s chapter on presentation design. My sister is majoring in marketing with a minor in business and I frequently help my father create advertisements for his business. I am also in an art class currently and we have been talking about many of these principles for the past few weeks. I love using quotes in presentations. As long as you choose an appropriate quote they can sum up your message and add credibility.

As a teacher, I am going to show my students examples of slides that are clean followed by slides that have busy images and ask them which one they would prefer to look at while listening to me teach. I’m sure that some of the students are going to choose the busy slide, but after seeing an entire presentation of them I am willing to bet that they will have changed their minds. It is very important that people learn the power of a clean presentation. We live in a world where everything is based off of technology and the people who cannot use it effectively are looked down on by those who are technologically savvy. If we want our students to keep up in the ever changing world then we need to provide them with the instruction they need in order to become good, technologically savvy presenters.

Many of my PowerPoints looked very similar to Kawasaki’s thanks to one of my high school teachers. Every time we worked on any sort of visual presentation her motto would be “keep it simple”. Whenever we had too much on one slide we would be asked to break it into two slide and see what we could take out. Only important and specific information was allowed on the slides. If it was extra, it got cut.

Kawasaki firmly believes in only having essential information on PowerPoints and using as many images as possible. I agree and believe that this is how all PowerPoints should be formatted.


One thought on “Presentation Design

  1. I’m glad you are familiar with the principles of graphic design- you will find this knowledge very helpful with your own students someday. Constructing your Pecha Kuch will be good practice for you to use these principles.


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