True or Not

The article written by Debbie Abilock discusses the importance of using the rule of thumb to determine the credibility of a website or article. She discusses what it means to be information literate by stating that people need to be skeptical or what they read and criticize it to find out how accurate the information being presented truly is. Abilock believes that teachers do have the ability to teach their students how to be information literate. However, many schools are not taking the time to make sure that their students truly understand the skills. Most schools just tell students to look for news articles or anything ending with .gov. They do not explain that these sites are credible because they use facts pulled from other credible sites or they are written by credible authors.

I believe that as teachers we are capable of teaching our students to critically think about everything they  read on the internet. It is a place with a large amount of misinformation, but it is also an amazing research tool. By following Abilock’s rules of thumb, students should be able to quickly and accurately tell whether or not a site should be considered credible. This skill does take a lot of practice and teacher should begin teaching these skill as soon as the teach students how to research on the internet. This way students are prepared for the real world when they leave high school and they won’t fall victim to scams that many adults fall victim to every day.


One thought on “True or Not

  1. I really liked your argument, and how you talked about schools and although they may have the ability to teach kids to be information literate, often do not try to really teach them. I agree with you that students should be able to tell accurately whether a site is credible, and that teachers should start to go over these rules that can help the students learn to do this. Otherwise, like you said, they’ll become adults and be easily decepted. So, one thing teachers and schools could do better on is preparing them for this real world problem, and I know that I want to keep that in mind as I teach too.


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