Digital Citizen

Sam Pane, a 5th grade teacher, teaches his students how to use the internet safely and determine what the purpose of any particular website is. He engages students by opening his lesson with a quote from Spiderman. Then he has his students create their own internet superheroes to do what is right on the internet. The students created comic where they were not being safe, respectful, or responsible online and they had their superhero come in and save them. The superheros resolved everything from online gossip to scams involving IPad giveaways.

Gallery walks are a great way for students to get a chance to see their classmates’ work. I could use them with many lessons ranging from art to math. A while ago I saw a lesson where students would write a math problem on a dry erase board, then everyone would rotate and solve the problem in front of them. They continued to do this until they made it around the classroom. To me this qualifies as a gallery walk because the students are moving around the room interacting with each others work. It is nice to give students sticky notes that they can stick on their peers’ desks with encouraging messages. This way they can give feedback without having to talk directly to the person.


One thought on “Digital Citizen

  1. Gallery walks are great collaborative practices for elementary and secondary students alike- you may wish to add them to your own teacher toolbox for use in your own future classroom.


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