ED Tech Integration Philosophy


Experiencing Web 2.0

Tikatok allows students to create stories, share them with others, and print them out. It connects with ISTE standards 2 a, b, and c. Students need to have basic typing and mouse skills before using Tikatok. This website has a mountain of resources for teachers. It will sort out the different book templates by grade and subject.Then it will connect them to common core standards. The site also sends out a newsletter which has pre-made lesson plans that align with common core standards. Students can create their own drawings on the computer or upload images. The teacher could scan student drawings into the computer to use in the books as well. Membership cost $19 to $399 a year ranging from a basic plan to a plan with a lot of extras. This is the only downside I was able to find. Tikatok is a great resource for all teachers but it was clearly designed for elementary schoolers.

Museum box is a website that is designed to help students structure their argument. It is based on Thomas Clarkson who travelled with a box of items to help explain how slaves were being treated. Students create their own box, which is essentially a 5 slide PowerPoint, to help them argue their case. Anything from videos to PDFs can be uploaded and placed into the box. ISTE standards 1 a, b, and c  as well as 3 a and d connect well with this lesson. Before students used Museum Box they should already be familiar with uploading documents, as well as the basic skills needed to use PowerPoint. I like this site because it helps students focus in on the most important parts of their argument by only allowing 5 things to be placed in their box. It also lets students put pretty much everything in their box. This way there is no worrying about whether or not something will upload. The downside is that the school does have to pay for it. Their website did not say the exact cost, but they said it was a small fee. Other than that the only downside is the limitation of the items in each box. I believe this website was designed for middle school, but it could easily be adapted for higher and lower grades.

Teacher Blog It is a free online blog site for teachers and students. Students can use it to post blogs and communicate with each other. Teachers can use it to post assignments, videos, and links. The ISTE standards that relate to this website are standards 1a, 3b and c, and 4c. Basic typing skills and the ability to navigate a webpage are needed before students can use this website. This website allows teachers to monitor what their students are posting so they may take down anything that is inappropriate. Also, each students blog page has a link to their teacher’s blog and the teacher has a drop down list of all the students blogs. With these tools everything you need is right at your fingertips. The only issue I foresee is students posting inappropriately. This can be easily monitored by the teacher, but if they are not paying close attention things may slip by. I think this site would be best used with high schoolers. However, I will be teaching elementary school and I think this could be a great way for upper elementary students to share and discuss things with each other.