Video Creation in the Classroom

Since I plan to teach lower elementary, I think I am most likely to use video creation in my class. Many parents would probably be skeptical of their second graders posting anything online. I feel that at this age it is safer to not post anything online.

That aside I would use video creation to bring stories my students write to life. I think it would be a great experience for every student to write a fictional story and then have their classmates act it out. Then, at the end of the year, I could send it home as a gift to parents so they could see how creative their children are. Video creation could also be used to enable shy students to give presentations. They could record themselves giving the presentation and then show the video to the class instead of presenting in front of everyone. Students could also use the camera to record a day in their lives and use editing software to speed up or cut out parts that they thought were less interesting. I think they would really enjoy a creating a project about their lives, instead of always doing them on someone else. They could also interview people that are important to them and share their interviews with the class or another class. The possibilities are nearly endless.


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